The Art Of Conflict has its debut at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre on the

15 of July 2018 as part of the International Youth Arts Festival. 

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Pursuit of Power explores the want of power over one’s life. Mixing dreams with reality, and moulding it into stories that are both relatable and challenging.

Pursuit of Power was inspired stories shared regarding obtaining power over things you have no control over, and how those perceived to have power are considered to be the leaders of the world. Working with composer Jean Pierre, the work will feature an original score that contains WIW’s climactic feel and will introduce house dance elements to our trademark movement style.


9TH - 10TH SEPTEMBER, 2017

What Is Written's production Awakening is influenced by the internal struggles and pressures we take on as a result of society’s code of conduct. It presents a picture that is both relatable and terrifying, using raw impactful movement that tells of a societies journey to awakening. Featuring an original score combined with a striking lighting design and intense physicality, ‘Awakening' will lead you on journey charged with tension and vulnerability.

"They make their mark with Awakening, a full-blooded, uncompromising take on the contemporary workplace and the plight of the individual belittled by, and struggling against, a sclerotic and bureaucratic management."

 Peter Lindley - Morning Star at Resolution 2017


18TH JANUARY, 2016

This piece is based on a story of a native warrior tribe and explores the different methods of communication used by indigenous people. Deriving movement vocabulary from the different roles as well as the different forms of communication within a tribe. Taking inspiration from social behavior inhabited by indigenous people to aid in the character development, putting emphasis on the weight that the responsibilities of those roles carry. We wish to take the audience on a journey of discovery, to witness how this can be translated and developed into movement that is striking and envelopes the physicality of each individual function within a tribal community.

" The energy, speed and fiery intent of Dialect of War.”

Peter Lindley – Morning Star at The Place, London Resolution 2015



This production is loosely based on the story of a man named Igor, a true story involving the politics of a country in a time of corruption, death feuds and gangs. We want you to discover to what extent a person can be pushed and how far can those boundaries can expand in order to survive.

"Unsettled was a lean and hungry dance beast.”

Keith Watson at The Place, London at Resolution 2015

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